All-on-4™ / DIEM

All-on-4 (AO4) , also known as DIEM, or “Full Arch Immediate Load”, is a procedure which has gained popularity with patients having no teeth, patients with dentures or failing bridges, and patients with decay that has progressed until it is beyond repair. It has a lower overall cost compared to more traditional techniques, a high success rate, and immediate satisfaction.

This technique requires 4-6 implants for a full arch rehabilitation of the teeth.  New teeth are provided the same day as the implant surgery, and patients leave the office with a new set of fixed, non-removable teeth. Special tilting of two of the implants ensures a secure and stable base for the replaced arch, typically making bone grafting unnecessary.


Who Is a Candidate for DIEM Dental Implants?

  • Patients who are in excellent overall health
  • Patients with good oral health habits
  • Patients with sufficient quantity and quality of oral bone and gum tissue
DIEM dental implants
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