Teeth-In-A-Day/Immediate Load

Teeth-in-a-Day™ are also known as Immediate Load Dental Implants.  This procedure can be utilized to replace a single tooth or a group of teeth. Immediate Load Dental Implants provide patients with fully functioning teeth in a single procedure, completed on the same day, utilizing dental implants.

It is advisable to make an informed decision when getting Immediate Load Dental Implants, as many factors can impact the results.  The best results can be obtained when the following situations are present:

  • The bone surrounding the extracted tooth must be intact, with no major bone loss or defects, in order to support the new tooth.
  • There should be no infection present, or there is higher risk of the site not healing properly
  • The diameter of the tooth should be relatively smaller than the implant being used, as there is additional risk of failure with improper fit.

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