Part I: Revealing the Truth behind franchised Dental Implant Centers.

We have all seen those commercials advertising completion of dental implants in a single day. Today we are taking a look at the way Dental Implant Centers advertise their “One Team” advantage. Is this truly advantageous to you?

Typically, for the heavily advertised Dental Implant Centers, one team means that various specialists are brought together to perform your surgery. However, will your team really be there for you in a year, in five years, in ten years? Dental implants require lifetime maintenance and observation.

Most people have gone to the same dentist for a length of time, establishing a trusting relationship. In turn, that dentist is referring you to a local oral surgeon who is familiar and trusted. This team has your best interests in mind, knows your full dental health history and is not required to meet monthly franchise minimums.

Your local dentist and oral surgeon have established practices in the community, reputations that they are proud of, and they are there to stay. They will provide you with customized treatment options, not a stock treatment plan developed by a corporation with a business model. With a private practice oral and maxillofacial surgeon, you work with a Board Certified surgeon, who is working with, and has a long-term relationship with, your local family dentist.

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