Research is making strides every day for the use of stem cells in assisting with many medical conditions. Adult stem cells can generate a range of cell types that can grow into any type of cell in the human body, and can be used to naturally repair your body and treat diseases.

Researchers have found that the soft pulp inside of the third molars, or wisdom teeth, is similar to cells found in bone marrow and to cells found in embryos. Tooth pulp is more easily obtained and much less controversial. Wisdom teeth that are removed in a sterilized setting can be tested for viable stem cells. These cells can be frozen and stored indefinitely.

Currently, stem cells are being used to treat many medical issues and clinical trials are being undertaken to determine effectiveness for many more. As research continues, treatments will be established. With the help of stem cells, modern medicine has achieved tremendous advances in treating brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and more. If this is something that you are interesting in finding out more information about, please request a consultation prior to your child’s wisdom tooth procedure appointment.

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